Get to know your fitness instructors and trainers at Mission Fitness.

  • Alex Miller
      Alex MillerManager of Operations & Kinesiologist

      Alex is the manager of operations at Mission Fitness. He is originally from North Vancouver and came down to Kelowna to do his degree in Human Kinetics at UBCO. He is also a registered Kinesiologist with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists.

      Alex has a background in working his clients through injuries. Having multiple surgeries himself, he understands the hardship of waking up everyday and experiencing physical pain. These injuries all came from playing Football and Rugby! He also works with various athletes helping them obtain their performance goals. He enjoys analyzing the body as a working machine, examining the discrepancies in strength, mobility, and stability of each joint and correcting them. Correcting movement mechanics and postural alignment is very important to maintain peak physical condition!

      Alex is at the gym all the time! He wants everyone who walks into Mission Fitness to feel welcome. His ultimate goal is to show people the value in doing exercise in order to achieve whatever their goals may be. Whether its, rehabilitation from an injury, increasing performance, feeling physically and psychology better, losing weight, or simply making friends, Alex is committed to helping you reach your goals and showing you how you can enlarge the quality of your life. Come bother him, ask questions about anything, he likes it.

    • Peggy Kramer
        Peggy KramerBCRPA Certified Yoga & Fitness Leader

        Peggy has been part of the fitness team at Mission Fitness for over 10 years and has worked in the industry since 1979. Peggy’s degree in Physical and Health Education combined with her extensive background in the industry as provided the experience necessary to work with participants of all ages. Peggy is a BCRPA certified Yoga and Fitness Leader and certified Personal Trainer.

        On our fitness schedule you’ll find Peggy’s classes include yoga, chair fitness and TRX. Regardless of the class Peggy is known  for combining skill, grace and athleticism into every session. Her practice is suited most to individuals who want to improve posture, core stability, and balance as well as maintain strength and mobility.

        Peggy loves to be involved in sports and fitness as a way of living; completing many marathons and triathlons over the years as well as being a student of ballet all year round. Her philosophy is to be “FIT FOR LIFE” and she likes to inspire her clients to do the same. You will likely see Peggy riding her bike around town and swimming in Okanagan Lake during the summer.

      • April Marsden
          April MarsdenHatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga & Pilates

          April, originally from Vancouver, has her certifications in Hatha Yoga (200 hours at Prana Yoga in Vancouver), Restorative Yoga (at The Path Yoga in Vancouver) and Pilates (at Neu Movement in Kelowna). Currently she teaches Hatha Yoga and physio-based Pilates here at Mission Fitness. April feels that consistent movement of any kind is important to keep a healthy body and mind, to feel good, have energy and age gracefully. Her Pilates and yoga classes offer exercises that everyone can do, young or mature, athletic or not, and helps enhance everyday movements.

          April’s goal is to be the best teacher she can be, listen, show compassion  towards her students and to educate them so they can empower themselves, be healthy, and feel good. She guides clients through their physical challenges by providing tools that enable you to; learn body awareness, move in correct alignment, advance with practice and experience success.

          As well as teaching, April also enjoys learning new things, anatomy, dogs, coffee, tattoos, photography and writing.

        • Sharon Nikolai
            Sharon NikolaiMovement Educator & RMM practitioner

            Sharon is originally from Nova Scotia and after spending time in Dubai and Ottawa, she has decided to settle here in Kelowna in 2015. Sharon is a movement educator and has worked with people of all ages and abilities over the past 20 years. She has experience in personal training, group fitness, agility lead, and various modalities of yoga. In addition, her current certifications include The Roll Model Method practitioner (RMM), Yoga Tune Up® certified teacher and Radiant Child Level 3 teacher.

            Sharon teaches “informed yoga” where the movements are designed to improve your posture, mobility and ability. This type of yoga enhances your daily life and helps you reach your fitness goals. She often includes RMM therapy ball rolling in her classes to help clients build awareness, ease pain, and improve mobility.

            What Sharon loves most about teaching is the overwhelming sense of well-being and relief people can experience afterwards. To help people live better in their bodies is what Sharon strives to do every day.

          • Sian Flanagan
              Sian FlanaganWeight-loss Instructor

              Sian was born and raised in the Okanagan and her passion for movement began with her love for sports, particularly soccer.  After playing semi-pro in Europe at the age of 19, she continued to further her educational studies in Human Kinetics and Psychology. Her philosophy of training takes an all-encompassing, functional fitness approach. She believes that the mind, body and spirit are all essential aspects to consider in order to create long-term wellness and a truly fulfilling lifestyle.

              As an instructor for the Weight-loss class, Sian’s goal is to bring fun effective workouts, and offer opportunities for clients to tune into the mind and body. She believes that it is important that we take the time to move effectively while also being mindful that stillness is also a huge part of the recipe for long-term success. This yin and yang of life are both required in order for harmony to synchronize in our lives physically, mentally and emotionally.

              Sian intends to bridge body-weight and yoga strength movements with functional fitness to expand her true strength practice. She is inspired by movement and enjoys exploring the possibilities within the scope of human potential. She is always pushing her own thresholds to keep routines and personal endeavours exciting!

            • Greta Reid
                Greta ReidCertified Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher

                Growing up in the North West Territories Greta settled here in Kelowna 3 years ago. Greta certified as a personal trainer in 2009 through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. This is where she discovered her fun-outgoing, high energy and excitement associated with health and fitness. This eventually led to a career in personal training and group fitness coaching. As a former massage therapist, she is fascinated by the human anatomy and science behind movement.

                She became certified as a Yoga Teacher Trainer (200 YTT) with Gaiatri Yoga Teacher Training and has completed various certifications in Olympic Weight lifting and further yoga training.

                After a short hiatus from the fitness industry due to injury, Greta has returned with a greater appreciation for health and wellness. Greta is currently becoming certified as an OPEX Fitness Coach. Although she feels as though she has a strong background in personal training and olympic lifting, she wants to constantly be growing and developing her skills and understanding of how to better support my clients.

              • Harmonee Hawley
                  Harmonee HawleyCertified Personal Trainer

                  Harmonee is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, has spent the majority of her life in Edmonton, Alberta, and moved to Kelowna in late 2018 in search of a more positive, and adventurous lifestyle. She began her fitness journey in 2015 as a bride prepping for her special day which quickly evolved into a lifestyle and passion. While helping a friend lose extra baby weight, it became obvious to her that Personal Training was a career that she needed to pursue.

                  Her certification in Personal Training is just the beginning of her studying within the industry as she has plans to continuously expand her knowledge. Harmonee’s focus in training is to help others improve their health, lifestyles and overall longevity. Within her own family she’s seen many examples of what can happen when we don’t take care of ourselves and she is driven to help others avoid similar fates.

                  Harmonee’s goal is to provide the support, knowledge and motivation that you need to achieve your health and fitness goals. Her goal for her clients is to lengthen their healthy life expectancy and improve their overall wellness. In her spare time she can be found snowboarding in the winter and camping, swimming, and hiking in the summer.

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