Get to know your fitness instructors and trainers at Mission Fitness.

  • Harmonee Hawley
      Harmonee HawleyCertified Personal Trainer

      Harmonee is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, has spent the majority of her life in Edmonton, Alberta, and moved to Kelowna in late 2018 in search of a more positive, and adventurous lifestyle. She began her fitness journey in 2015 as a bride prepping for her special day which quickly evolved into a lifestyle and passion. While helping a friend lose extra baby weight, it became obvious to her that Personal Training was a career that she needed to pursue.

      Her certification in Personal Training is just the beginning of her studying within the industry as she has plans to continuously expand her knowledge. Harmonee’s focus in training is to help others improve their health, lifestyles and overall longevity. Within her own family she’s seen many examples of what can happen when we don’t take care of ourselves and she is driven to help others avoid similar fates.

      Harmonee’s goal is to provide the support, knowledge and motivation that you need to achieve your health and fitness goals. Her goal for her clients is to lengthen their healthy life expectancy and improve their overall wellness. In her spare time she can be found snowboarding in the winter and camping, swimming, and hiking in the summer.

    • Sharon Nikolai
        Sharon NikolaiMovement Educator & RMM practitioner

        With over 10 years of teaching movements for agility, mobility and performance via individual and group fitness sessions, I offer a wide range of training. I began as a personal trainer 20 years ago, then moved into yoga teaching while living and working in the Middle East. Yoga modalities include Yoga Tune Up® and Tune Up Fitness® and the Roll Model Method®, Radiant Child Yoga and Yoga for teens(RCY), Power, Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa yoga.

        While living in Ottawa I specialized in working with teams of elite athletes including marathon runners, cyclists and hockey players up to KHL and NHL levels. I am also experienced and qualified to teach children and seniors with classes and teachings to help people live better in their bodies. ~The best words from my clients are: “I feel so much better!” I truly love to help people!

      • Danielle Ethier
          Danielle EthierGroup Fitness Manager, Hatha Yoga, Group Fitness & Spin Instructor

          Danielle is a new addition to the Mission Fitness team. She has been a Yoga instructor and more recently a group fitness instructor teaching a diverse range of classes from gyms, corporate groups and studios over the past ten years. Danielle has been expanding her fitness knowledge by obtaining her Personal Trainer Specialist and Spin Certifications. On our schedule you will find her in the group fitness room teaching Yoga, Strength and Spin classes.

          Danielle makes fitness approachable to every ability and skill level by creating all level classes that can challenge the more advanced participant but still make the newbies feel welcome. She enjoys guiding diverse range of individuals and groups including seniors and youth helping them achieve their health and fitness goals and understands that a healthy lifestyle is something for every ability. She strongly believes in the connection between body, mind and spirit and creates that right mix of warmth, energy and fun for each and every class and ability.

        • Alex Miller
            Alex MillerManager of Operations & Kinesiologist

            Alex is the manager of operations at Mission Fitness. He is originally from North Vancouver and came down to Kelowna to do his degree in Human Kinetics at UBCO. He is also a registered Kinesiologist with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists.

            Alex has a background in working his clients through injuries. Having multiple surgeries himself, he understands the hardship of waking up everyday and experiencing physical pain. These injuries all came from playing Football and Rugby! He also works with various athletes helping them obtain their performance goals. He enjoys analyzing the body as a working machine, examining the discrepancies in strength, mobility, and stability of each joint and correcting them. Correcting movement mechanics and postural alignment is very important to maintain peak physical condition!

            Alex is at the gym all the time! He wants everyone who walks into Mission Fitness to feel welcome. His ultimate goal is to show people the value in doing exercise in order to achieve whatever their goals may be. Whether its, rehabilitation from an injury, increasing performance, feeling physically and psychology better, losing weight, or simply making friends, Alex is committed to helping you reach your goals and showing you how you can enlarge the quality of your life. Come bother him, ask questions about anything, he likes it.

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